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Resources and Reflections by Ari Leigh

Current Workshops

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Discrimination Self Care

Upcoming: MBLGTACC Feb 16-18 2018

Discrimination Self-Care provides tools to identify when discrimination has occurred, along with exploring the different ways someone can respond to discrimination (within themselves and in their community). Recognizing that every person and situation is unique, our discussion presumes that we all have the right to set our own boundaries in the activist work of discrimination response. We offer tools, conversation, and space to help you decide which ways of responding to discrimination will best suit your individual needs and goals.

Gender Consent: Negotiating Gender Play with Romantic/Sexual Partners

Coming Soon!

Non-binary genders and sexualities offer unique opportunities in our relationships. Simultaneously, negotiating gender roles outside a cultural framework can be terrifying. If you’ve ever wondered if gender play has a space in your relationship, than this workshop is for you. We’ll begin with a quick breakdown of gender complexities before digging into the how and why people may wish to play (or not play) with gender within their relationships. This workshop will explore how and when we share information about our bodies, build an expansive vocabulary to talk about our parts, and emphasize ways of obtaining active, enthusiastic, consent for all activities.

From Closet to Conversation: Beyond "Coming Out"

Upcoming: First Event Feb 3, 2018 MBLGTACC Feb 16-18 2018

Presented at:  True Colors (2015), Transcending Boundaries (2015) Phildadelphia Trans Health Conference (2016) Fantasia Fair (2016)

The narrative of coming out is often the lens through which society views LGBTQ culture. Yet the singular ‘coming out’ narrative is often inadequate for those whose identities are fluid, multifaceted, or complex. By examining our cultural assumptions about coming out, reflecting on who we’ve invited (or not invited) into our experience and building a bridge between ‘out’ and not, this workshop provides a space to explore your story and consider who, if anyone, you desire to share it with. Leaving the closet behind we embrace the life-long process of conversation and identity. This is a space beyond binary assumptions about openness and ourselves where you can explore new ways to write the next chapter in your story.

Building Community: Forming Transformative Places of Safe Discomfort

Presented at:  True Colors (2017), Fantasia Fair (2016)

Come and explore the dynamics of privilege and oppression within our society while obtaining the tools to call each other in, nurture an accountable community, and know how to apologize when mistakes are made. This workshop is designed to help participants learn how we can come together to ensure our spaces are healthy and accessible for everyone. Through stories and conversation, activities and reflection, participants will be invited to discover the transformative place of safe discomfort, where all people, experiences, and identities are honored.

Go Forth and Shame No More

Presented at:  Trans Futurity Symposium (2016), True Colors (2017)

From the voices around us that criticize our bodies and minds to our whispered fears that we are not enough, shame is a destructive force that keeps us from celebrating the vibrant gift of ourselves. This workshop will break down shame-based narratives by creating a space for participants to artistically explore identities that we have been taught are shameful. Together we will name some of the identities, ideas, dreams, and questions that we have been taught to be ashamed of before delving into the ways that these stigmatized realities are necessary for our common life.

Exploring Polyamory with Real Live Polyamorous Adults (tm)

Prior Edition Presented At:  True Colors (2017)

Have you ever wondered what would happen if the hapless individuals in Hollywood’s infamous ‘love triangles’ were to have an honest and respectful conversation? Curious about what polyamory actually involves? Exploring Polyamory with Real Live Polyamorous Adults (tm) opens a conversation about ethical non-monogamy by focusing on the skills needed to nurture healthy relationships of all types. From friends and family to lovers and flings, we’ll be trading tools to identify the relationships we want, how to set (and respect) boundaries, along with ways to communicate with our partner(s) and ourselves.

All of these workshops are designed for audiences of 5-30 participants, but can be scaled based on organizational needs. Please contact us if you would like to learn more about how to bring them to your area.